DISCLAIMER :   Because all the Chinese Puzzle Rings pics on this page were taken at an earlier point in time, they show either all gold, all chrome, or a combination of gold & chrome rings.

~ However, gold rings are unfortunately no longer available ~
All subsequent purchases will therefore be with just chrome rings.

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Choose either Green, Blue, or Amber
$22.00 each

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OBJECTIVE: Remove Spiral-Flex handle from the rest of the 'assembly'.

Description: The feel of the "Spiral Flex" 'egg-shaped' coil (handle) is for maximum smoothness in your hand,
not to mention the exquisite distinction the chrome finish adds to the aesthetics of the puzzle .

Almost feels within the palm of your hand

The 'separator stems' are made of stainless steel, which gives it the rigidity needed for handling ruggedness throughout the manipulation of the solution.


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$20.00 each

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Description: A smaller handle for smaller hands, this 'carrot-shaped' handle still maintains that maximum 'fluid' feel, still has that same chrome finish,
and still uses 7 rings as its sister handle -- the 'egg-shaped' coil . . . . . and is more ideal for children.

The taper at the tip of the working area of the handle allows for easier (and quicker) maneuvering of the rings.

Child's Play

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$24.00 each

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OBJECTIVE: Remove wood handle from the rest of the 'assembly'.

Description: The lightly soft, plush handling of North American Eastern white pine wood handle (with artwork), carefully flame-torched to highlight the luxurious contrast of light and dark grains, with 3 rich coats of polyurethane to further enhance the delicate balance of the grain, while affording that ultimate, lush sheen.

A long center-working area (wide center slot) for easy maneuvering of the rings without annoying cramping. The wood handle serves as an equal balance with the chrome assembly and the Tri-Polar bead peripherals.


~ made to order ~
(a.k.a. Linda's Loony Links)
$22.00 each

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OBJECTIVE: Flip the top ring to travel all the way to the bottom.

Back in the 50s Jacob's Ladder . . . . .
(this toy probably dates back as far as, or further than, 1352 B.C.)
was the craze when I was just a young child , originally made of wood or strong cardboard, plain or with various decorative patterns on its rectangular surfaces . . . . .


. . . . . or with 3D figure representations, holding the flip-flop in a vertical position, one would allow the 'free' block to start its way down - alternating its descent by flipping on one side, and flopping on the other - the entire 'chain' of blocks until it settled on the bottom . This toy was so named for the biblical Jacob who saw a ladder leading from earth to heaven in a vision

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

. . . . . ENTER . . . . . the Modern version, incorporating the use of 'metal split-keychain rings'
(as viewed from the animated pic at top left of this section)

This amusing toy will boggle anyone's mind. Everyone will see the ring falling from the top of the chain . . . to the bottom end of the chain, but all the rings are solidly connected.
There are 26 rings (12 pairs -- 2 singles) . Total free-hanging length is 17" .

  So how is it possible?


$22.00 each

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OBJECTIVE: Remove ring from the spring (from the middle !).

Although its simplicity might seem obvious, it'll make your nerves start 'coiling' in tight knots . You have to keep your focus strong however, or you may find your thoughts 'spiraling' off course .
Is the secret to solving this gem lie with only looping a single spiral . . . or two ?

How does one make the transition from single to double loop ?
Are three spiral loops possible ?
Although other sellers' versions do not go beyond a single loop, mine has the 'special' ability of threading 3 loops ! Extremely difficult ! Other versions are not physically capable of accomplishing this feat .

The 'TORPEDO' has brass end caps that compliment the brass ring . The caps also serve to keep the honest puzzler from trying to sneak the brass ring pass the ends of the spring .

Alexis' Spiral